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RushHrs Story
Take four fresh IIT-ians from all over the country, and put them into one hostel at IIT Bombay. Add four years of engineering along with the usual spices of sports, movies, the Internet, and generous helpings of Pink Floyd and Counter-Strike. Add in the inspirations from professors, peers, and some Scotsmen, Russians and Indian monks. One would expect a rather healthy mix of analysts, bankers, coders, bankers and MBA aspirants ready to take on the corporate world.

The reality wasn’t really far from expectations, and we all went our separate ways into our mundane jobs, living weekend to weekend. However, we all knew inside our hearts that we are meant for something bigger and better…

In the recession of 2009-10, reminiscing about the good old times spent in college, reopening the
chapters of long lost ideas, we wondered about how once upon a time almost every meal turned into a discussion about opening a restaurant… Then we wondered, why not go ahead and make that a reality! However, that meant quitting our plush corporate jobs, putting personal lives on the line and alienating our stereotypical middle class families… Did we have the guts, the aptitude, the money?

Looking back, none of us can recall how we got the courage to do it. Perhaps it was intuition and belief, perhaps destiny… What matters is that we did go ahead – we started up!! In August 2010, with the first resignation letter amongst us, RushHrs was born!

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RushHrs,Seasons Mall
3rd Floor, Food Court
Magarpatta City, Pune






Baner Road

99234 93904

RushHrs,Tamhane Complex
Next to Kapil Malhar
Baner Road, Pune







Phase 1


RushHrs,Shop No. 1 & 2,

Akshay Plaza

Next to State Bank of India

Hinjewadi Phase 1,Pune







Infosys Phase 2
77699 57847

RushHrs,1st Floor
Food Court 3
Infosys Phase2







99212 70079

RushHrs,Shop No. 31
Karishma Housing Society
Kothrud, Pune


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